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Hello world!

So they tell me I need to blog. Apparently everyone’s at it, and I should be in on the act. I started out just wanting to design my own website, but as soon as I started speaking to friends and colleagues who had done the same, they would adopt an almost evangelical fervour about the necessity of blogging, tweeting and generally ‘getting my voice out there’. Actually I didn’t even really want to design my own website, but I didn’t like the previous work of any of the five companies I got to quote for it, so here I am.

As someone who generally feels a bit oppressed by the white noise of modern life, this is a slightly disheartening realisation. But it seems that, as in a crowded pub, if everyone else is talking at the same time, you have to speak just that bit louder (or more funnily, or more stylishly, or something) to be heard. So here I am, head bowed, tail between legs, like a dog being shown what it has done wrong, being dragged toward the internet by the admonishment of well-meaning friends and the need to ‘drive traffic to my site’ and market myself, adding my voice to the billions already vying for your attention – so, apologies in advance. Who knows, maybe I’ll even end up liking it.