Garden Consultations

Some clients feel confused or overwhelmed by the task of designing their garden, and most lack the technical expertise or knowledge of relevant legislation. For those that don’t want a full garden redesign but do want advice and guidance on how best to develop their garden, I can provide a structured consultation to help them to look at their garden clearly from a design perspective, assess its strengths and weaknesses, give advice on the available materials and suppliers, and advise on suitable planting.

The minimum time for a garden consultation is 2 hours, although some clients require a longer visit, or repeat visits to look at plans as they progress. By the time the consultation is complete, you will have a far better understanding of costs, budgeting, construction methods and suitable planting, and I will leave you with a list of plants suitable for the appropriate soil type and growing conditions found in your garden. I can also provide a written report on what we have discussed for you to refer to in future.

In a short visit such as this, it is simply not possible to carry out any design work per se, and therefore some clients may wish to progress from a consultation to a full garden design service, which obviously involves a far greater degree of detail and specificity and therefore incurs a higher cost. A consultation allows you to dip a toe in the water and consider the best way to achieve the garden you want. Either way, you as the client have the reassurance that you have a professional to help you through the sometimes daunting task of addressing your landscape in a way that will make it function well and look beautiful for many years to come.

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