Garden Design Advice

Garden Consultations

Some clients feel confused or overwhelmed by the task of designing their garden, and most lack the technical expertise or knowledge of relevant legislation, so for clients who do not want or need a full garden re-design, I am very happy to offer a bespoke garden consultation service, tailored to the needs of each individual client. You may for instance move to a new house and not know any of the plant names in the garden – in which case I can pay you a visit and take an inventory of all plants.

Garden Design Advice to Suit You

A garden consultation takes place at a time convenient to you at your garden, and I will agree an agenda with you in advance, structured to address any issues you wish to tackle with your garden. Typically, these might include:

  • Look at the garden’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of spatial arrangement, hard landscape, soft landscape, boundary issues, views that require enhancing or screening, seasonal interest, maintenance regime etc.
  • Take an inventory of all existing planting and look at what’s working and what’s not
  • Get to know you and how you and your family use the space currently and how this might be improved or change in the future
  • Examine existing planting for any problems such as early signs of garden pests, diseases or poor health and suggest remedies
  • Note any simple drawings that might be required to help you visualise alterations to your space
  • Note any planting plans that you may want created for particular beds or borders, or advise on plant selection, from trees to shrubs to perennials
  • Note any plant lists you may require of plants suited to the soil and conditions on your site
  • Bring samples of (e.g.) paving stone that may be of interest.
  • Note any further garden design advice you may need from related professionals such as structural engineers.

The minimum time for a garden consultation is 1-2 hours on site, and I charge an allowance for travel from my postcode to yours. Most clients will want a garden report to be written for them on my return, which may take another 2 hours, and any simple drawings requested by the client start at 1 hour of my time. Before I attend site, I issue clients a Fee Proposal detailing the costs of any likely services the client may require or request during the meeting, to give them clarity on future costs before committing.

Most clients choose a 2 hour site visit, a garden report, and often a simple drawing, so that they have a document to refer to for future reference. A consultation is also a great way to dip a toe into the world of garden design, and often clients go on to request a full design service. Either way, you as the client have the reassurance that you have a professional to help you through the sometimes daunting task of addressing your garden in a way that will make it function well and look beautiful for many years to come.