Planting Design and Supply

Planting design is a rare and under-recognised skill that can transform any garden and elevate it from the mundane to the sublime. A good planting designer works creatively with texture, form, colour, structure, seasonal interest and most importantly time, to produce a garden that engages the senses, gives a sense of personal well-being, and connects you to nature through plants. A beautifully designed garden is a balm to the soul.

For clients with larger borders who do not require a full garden redesign, I am very happy to design planting schemes and/or supply and plant the plants of your choice from a reputable wholesale nursery. I will do all the leg-work for you, finding the best deals and choicest plants from the very best wholesale nurseries who supply top designers and major flower shows.

This gives you the confidence that the plants will be skillfully selected and handled, correctly planted at the right spacings, and ‘faced up’ to show them off to their best advantage right from the start, whilst a well considered planting plan will give you the benefit of planting that has a sense of unity and purpose, and balance of form, texture colour, rhythm and weight, rather than a collection of impulse buys stuffed cheek-by-jowl into a border, as is so often the case in a domestic garden.

For large orders I offer plants at a significant saving of 25% off retail prices, and in addition they will be planted by an award-winning designer with a plantsman’s eye.