A Scuplted Landform in Tadworth

Serpentine Landform 3D landform modelling

An exercise in sculpting the land to produce a flowing serpentine landform

One of my more unusual projects – I was approached by clients who had removed 400 tonnes of chalk from their garden on a steeply sloped site, in an effort to make the garden accessible for their mother, who had limited mobility which was fast decreasing. The original garden had very steep steps immediately outside the back door, which had made the entire garden inaccessible for her.

The only problem was that the clients had been innocent of the need for planning permission to remove the chalk, and were going to either have to put it back, come up with a plan acceptable to the council, or get into a lot of trouble.

Using Sketchup Pro, and inspired by the work of designers such as Kim WIlkie and Charles Jencks, I designed a landform that transformed the unattractive cliff that they had created into an attractive usable garden space, and was able to illustrate this effectively in 3D for planning. The solution required special technology more commonly used in civil engineering such as constructing steep motorway verges, but it allowed the clients to create an attractive space with stepped and ramped access to a new garden office on the upper garden level, suing a sculptured landform to reconcile the complex levels.