Links Green – A Premium Garden Design in Cobham

A terraced rear garden and new front garden design in Cobham

A Cobham couple approached me with a view to completely re-working their front and rear gardens, having recently moved in to a substantial newly redeveloped property in which the developer had clearly used most of the budget on the house and run out of funds on the garden, leaving a disappointing landscape that didn’t live up to the premium finish of the house.

The spatial arrangement was passable so far as it went, but the materials and quality of finish left a lot to be desired. I worked with the clients to make a silk purse out of their existing sow’s ear, renewing first the front garden and driveway, and then the rear garden, with the design phased into 3 stages. The first was to address the front garden to make a smart new setting to the house, as the existing finish was an embarrassment in their smart street. The steps to the front door, which had been an uncomfortable climb, were rebuilt with a quality stone (black basalt) and the driveway re-finished in quality block paviours, whilst the garden was planted for low maintenance and evergreen interest with topiary and new yew hedging.

The rear garden design retained some of the previous structure,  but re-worked and then hid the ugly sleeper walls with beautiful Siberian Larch cladding, with integral lighting to lift the whole scheme. The existing poor quality paving and decking was removed and replaced with huge natural stone paving slabs, and the steps redesigned to be much easier to climb (they had been built with a huge riser and oversize steps which were very uncomfortable). I also designed a Siberian Larch garden studio and planting for the entire rear garden was redesigned throughout.

The result is a beautiful high-quality family friendly garden space with far more planting interest and plenty of space for formal and informal entertaining, space to relax in both sun and shade, and a greatly improved layout. Sensitive lighting brings the garden alive in the evening and makes it a far more welcoming space to enjoy for family and friends.