Burrows Cross

An extensive country garden with split-level patios, contoured landform, kitchen garden, new driveway and land sculpting

I had been working with these clients on their garden over the course of three years, and we finally arrived at the last phase, comprising the areas closest to the house – having already helped them plan and implement a new driveway area, kitchen garden, and soil grading, and landscaping around a new oak framed garage.

The Brief

This house, comprising one quarter of one of the old country houses of Surrey, had been remodelled such that the clients had been able to purchase some land from a neighbour, enabling them to stop using the old shared driveway to the four properties, and put in a new 150m long driveway accessed from a country lane. This in turn meant that the aspect of the house completely changed and that the old rear door became the new front door and vice versa. The new driveway led to a new 3-bearth oak garage, kitchen garden and driveway area, and the last phase was to integrate all the new areas with the existing large and sloping garden.

The Design

The design provides a new stepped path from the driveway and garage areas to the new front door, new patio areas that wrap around the house, and contoured landforms to complement these works and wrap around the whole area, giving an interesting and impactful transition from house to wider gardens. A new set of steps lead from a curved path to the front door, with an entrance patio bordered by ornamental planting and espalier fruit trees. from this a raised walkway leads to the two main patio levels, each surrounded by classic ornamental planting incorporating Taxus domes, with space for lounge, sunbeds, large-scale dining and a hot tub, surrounded by light and airy herbaceous plants and shrubs. The design was created to complement the remodelling of the house by Simon Best Associates, who also supplied the basis of the house 3D model seen in these visualisations.

The 3D model only shows the quarter of the entire country house owned by my clients, as it is not economical to model parts of a property that are not covered bythe design works. Construction has taken place in phases over several years and completes in spring/summer 2023




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