The Rookery

Concept Design for a pool area for a house near Chaldon on the North Downs

The clients here approached me to help them design the pool area that they were planning adjacent to their existing patio. They were in something of a rush as they had already arranged the pool installation and realised that they really should think through the surrounding landscape prior to that. I was able to step in and quickly and responsively interpret their wishes, liaise with pool company and landscaper, provide a total of 17 animations to look at all the possibilities, and get everything right in time for the pool to be installed. This turned out to be money well spent, as they significantly changed their ideas after my input.

The Brief

The house addressed a fairly blank canvas, with a football pitch of a garden to the rear and an odd-shaped side garden formed by the boundary between the house, the guest annexe, and a utility area screened behind a yew hedge. My brief was to find a way to slot the pool into this shape and make it flow seamlessly from the house, whilst giving it a sense of identity and seclusion. This in turn meant re-working some steps from the driveway to the pool area and re-thinking paths around the pool and access to changing facilities and toilet. The whole area needed screening from the driveway and some of the guest annexe, and originally the clients also wanted to screen the pool from the utility area.

The Design

I worked with the clients, tweaking the model incrementally to their responses, until we arrived at a solution they were happy with. The levels to an existing path had to be re-worked and we passed through lots of minor variations. The deisgn here is not the final version, but closest to what I would have done given a free hand.




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